Tennessee Blood & Marrow Transplant Center Forms in Memphis

Published On 11/11/2010

Memphis, TN—Adult patients in need of bone marrow transplants, allogeneic or autologous blood stem cell transplants now have an alternative to traveling out of town to receive treatment, due to a unique collaboration between the Mid-South’s premier health care providers. The newly formed Tennessee Blood & Marrow Transplant Center (TBMTC) is a collaboration involving Methodist University Hospital, Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. In addition to providing expert-level care, this cooperative will provide convenience to Mid-South patients who previously had to travel great distances to receive these treatments, which often require long-term stays and follow-up visits.

Housed in specially designed myelosuppression units at both Methodist University Hospital and Baptist Memphis, and staffed by the University of Tennessee Health Science Center physicians, patients will receive the highest quality of care. A team of nationally known physicians provide leadership to the program and will be a part of the new division on cell therapies/transplantation in the Department of Medicine of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine.

TBMTC offers the following therapies and treatment options:

  • Autologous blood stem cell or marrow transplantation
  • Allogeneic blood stem cell or marrow transplantation, including match unrelated donor and umbilical cord blood
  • Second opinion consultation for transplantation therapies

The Tennessee Blood & Marrow Transplant Center will also function as the regional aphresis facility of National Marrow Donor Program donors, and will serve as the bone marrow harvest facility for adult donors for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

This transplant center is a truly cooperative and precedent-setting endeavor. In this spirit, TBMTC is supported by an advisory board composed of Memphis’ leading oncology clinics: The Family Cancer Center, Integrity Oncology, The Jones Clinic, University of Tennessee Cancer Institute and The West Clinic.

The Tennessee Blood & Marrow Transplant Center is leading the way in blood and marrow transplant therapies. With three premier health care providers joining in the fight, TBMTC is changing the landscape of allogeneic and autologous treatments in the Mid-South and the country.

To contact TBMTC through Methodist University Hospital, please call 901.516.7000.