MLH OnSite Helps City of Memphis Employees Meet Healthcare Goals

Published On 01/30/2014

Methodist Healthcare OnSite

From left to right:George Mabon, VP Human Services, MAA; Margaret Duffy, Director of Clinical Operations MLH OnSite; Gertie Ryan, City of Memphis Benefits Operations Manager, Myra Gammon, Business Development Manager, MLH OnSite

The City of Memphis Airport Authority was flying high after earning the highest participation rate in the recent “Wellness Wednesday” Campaign, an effort by the City of Memphis, Methodist Healthcare and Cigna to improve the health and wellness of City of Memphis employees. MLH OnSite, which provides on-campus wellness services to the City of Memphis, conducted wellness screenings, while Cigna offered health risk assessments to participants.

The campaign, which is only one initiative in the ongoing partnership between the City of Memphis, Cigna and Methodist Healthcare, ran in September and October and was offered to employees who are covered by Cigna insurance. All employees who completed the assessments received a $50.00 gift card.  

Wellness screenings help people maintain a baseline for health risks such as diabetes and high blood pressure. If such risks are identified, the MLH OnSite RN team sends them for a check-up with their primary care physician. If they do not have a primary care physician, MLH OnSite helps them find one within the Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare System.