Methodist Hospice - Share the Care

Published On 02/08/2012

Methodist Hospice is asking for a different type of gift for our patients--gifts of personal care items.

"Many of the homes we go into don't even have a washcloth, soap, or shaving cream," explains Mary Hudspeth, Hospice Aide Supervisor. "These items you and I take for granted are seen as a luxury. We need help in providing these everyday items so that we can provide the best personal care and bring comfort to our patients during their final days."

The items needed the most are baby powder, spray deodorant, baby wipes, socks, liquid shower soap, Kleenex, paper towels, no-rinse shampoo, ladies gowns, pull up briefs, lotion, shaving cream and razors.

If you would like to donate or know of an organization or church that would like to participate please call Dee Flood at 818-2105 or email

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