Methodist Germantown Celebrates Safe Delivery of Rare, High-risk Pregnancy

Published On 04/16/2014

Molar pregnancy results in safe birthLindsey Henry was admitted to Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital at just 19 weeks into her pregnancy. She was diagnosed with an extremely rare type of pregnancy and faced an uphill battle with many challenges. 

Lindsey had a genetically abnormal pregnancy, known as a molar pregnancy, which included the possibility of giving birth to a still born baby, or the mole could continue to grow and the baby would have to be delivered early. Another possibility, the mole could turn out to be cancerous.  According to the American Association of Pregnancy approximately one out of 1,000 pregnancies in the United States is a molar pregnancy.

With a molar pregnancy there is an option to terminate the pregnancy; however that was not what Henry chose to do. At 15 weeks, she had heard her baby’s heart beat and had seen ultrasound pictures of her.

“I was scared,” said Henry. “It was very difficult to hear so many things could go wrong. An amniocentesis test was performed that showed the baby was fine, so we decided we’d take a chance.”

She continued on bed rest, praying to make it to 24 weeks, the earliest a newborn can survive on its own. After reaching 24 weeks, every additional week was a gift.

To help ensure Henry would have a safe and as normal as possible delivery, Brittney Baird, a women’s health specialist with Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital, was asked to form a multidisciplinary team to run through every possible scenario and develop an action plan.  Henry ended up being in the hospital for 141 days.

“As Lindsey’s pregnancy progressed, we continually updated our plan,” said Baird. “There was an enormous amount of planning and communication between departments and specialties.”

At 39 weeks, Henry delivered a beautiful little girl, Eisley Grace.

“The nursing staff was excellent,” said Henry. “There’s no way I would have made it without them. They have become lifelong friends.”