Methodist and Memphis Chamber Provide Inexpensive Counseling Services to Small Business Employees

Published On 01/30/2014

The Methodist Healthcare Employee Assistance Program is partnering with the Greater Memphis Chamber to offer small businesses of less than 100 employees the opportunity to provide their employees and their families counseling services.

“We are licensed professional counselors who help people with problems such as stress, anxiety, work life balance, family problems, risky drinking, depression, and grief,” said Donna Tosches, director for Methodist Healthcare Employee Assistance Program. “We help individuals, couples, and families resolve problems so they can live healthier, happier lives.”

“This partnership with Methodist Healthcare offers a valuable benefit to our small business members,” said Amy Daniels, senior vice president of membership & communications, Greater Memphis Chamber. “Not only does it provide expert care to their employees but helps save them business costs in the long run.”

The cost is $1 dollar for each employee. So if a business has 20 employees, the cost is $20 a month for twelve months. That’s $240 a year for employees and all members of their household to have access to free, confidential counseling.

“Our employees’ lives are affected by so many events that it’s important for them to know they can get assistance if they ever need it,” said Dave Barger, founder of Luna Web. “This is an excellent benefit to be able to provide our employees.”

Some of the services included are confidential counseling, 24-hour crisis telephone response, individual, couple, and family counseling, substance abuse expertise/DOT substance abuse evaluation, and emergency intervention/critical incident stress management.

For additional information regarding how the Methodist Healthcare Employee Assistance Program can help your business contact Donna Tosches at or call 901.683.5658.