Give Today and Spread Love and Light

Published On 11/14/2013

Christmas lightImagine that you or a loved one is at the end of life. How and where would you want to spend those last days?

Now imagine yourself in a place surrounded by love and light, by family members and friends, and supported by skilled and compassionate care. We’ve built a place like that—a home so full of love, light, and compassion; a comfortable and beautiful place for patients, families, and friends. It’s the Methodist Hospice Residence.

In the two years that our Hospice Residence has been open, there have been plenty of memorial services, but there have also been baptisms, holiday dinners, Monday night football games, and birthday parties. The Methodist Hospice Residence is about life; honoring patients’ lives at the end and celebrating those lives with their loved ones.

Will you help us celebrate life by making a donation today?

Your donation goes directly to help ensure that all families have access to our Hospice Residence and to Hospice home care, regardless of insurance or their ability to pay. In 2013, we have provided $500,000 of care to those with limited or no resources. This is why we need your help.

Celebrate the life of a loved one with your gift or simply give to make a difference. With a minimum gift of $25, received by December 20, your name will be displayed by the Christmas tree in the Hospice Residence lobby—recognizing the light you are giving to others this holiday season. Please give today through our online donation form. And if you give $500 or more, you will be recognized as a Hospice Hero. Whatever size gift you give, we are grateful.