Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center

Published On 11/24/2010

There are approximately 1,500 sickle cell patients in the Memphis Metro area who often suffer bouts of excruciating pain. In crisis mode, they need a place to go where their disease is understood and can be quickly addressed. While resources exist to care for pediatric sickle cell patients and outpatient adults, there currently is no comprehensive adult inpatient center. This is the need behind the launch of a $5 million fundraising campaign to create the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center.

The comprehensive program will be a collaborative effort by Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and others who are expected to come on board soon. The Center’s out-patient clinic and dedicated in-patient unit will be housed at Methodist University Hospital’s campus.

Jim McGehee, chairman and owner of McGehee Realty and Development Co., who serves as chair of the campaign, kicked off the fundraising with a generous $250,000 gift. McGehee believes passionately in the campaign and has recruited a diverse community leadership group to help raise the needed dollars.

The Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center’s design is based upon delivering the most advanced clinical treatment, offering on-site research for treatment advances and ultimately a cure, and full psychosocial support for its patients. To deliver this all-inclusive care model, our center will include the following.

  • Emergency and Infusion Unit: This unit will provide pain crisis management, transfusion and intravenous infusion support. This area can also be used for clinical studies requiring monitoring.
  • Prevention Outpatient Clinic: The outpatient clinic will provide preventive health maintenance specific to sickle cell disease in a primary care setting. This consists of patient education, genetic counseling, social work services, and psychosocial support.

Our center will provide continuity of care at its best. The center will provide acute care for those with sickle cell, with the same staff providing both acute and routine health maintenance care to patients older than 16 years of age. This care model in our center will reduce admission rates to the hospital and emergency departments for sickle cell patients, translating to reduced pain and suffering for sickle cell patients in the Mid-South.

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