Mayo Clinic Care Network

We are proud to announce that Methodist has joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a national network of health care providers committed to better serving patients and their families through collaboration.

Methodist is the first healthcare organization in Tennessee and the Mid-South to join the network. This gives us access to the latest Mayo Clinic knowledge and promotes physician collaboration that complements our local expertise. Through shared resources, more patients can get answers to complex medical questions while staying close to home, right here in Memphis.

What is Mayo Clinic Care Network?

The Mayo Clinic Care Network is collaboration between Mayo Clinic and other health care organizations. Through this network, your health care team at Methodist has easy access to Mayo Clinic's knowledge and expertise.

What does this mean for me as a patient?

As part of Mayo Clinic Care Network, your health care providers at Methodist can consult with specialists at Mayo Clinic through several unique electronic tools. These tools offer a connection to Mayo Clinic that allows your providers to get input on patient care when they believe it would be helpful.

What kind of electronic tools does the network use?

Resources available through the network include:

  • AskMayoExpert is a medical resource developed by Mayo Clinic physicians for use at the point of care. It offers our providers the latest on disease management, care guidelines, treatment recommendations and reference materials.
  • eConsults allow our health care providers to connect directly with a Mayo Clinic specialist to get additional input when they believe it will be helpful to the patient.  .

Are my medical records safe when you use these tools?

Yes. Patient privacy is a priority, and we have safeguards in place to protect your health information. Anything shared with Mayo Clinic related to patient care is sent through a secure electronic connection and remains confidential.

Does Mayo Clinic own members of the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

No. Members of Mayo Clinic Care Network are not part of Mayo Clinic. They remain independent and locally owned and controlled. The purpose of the network is to connect members with Mayo Clinic so that they can work together to provide the best possible care when and where patients need it.

Will I see a Mayo Clinic doctor?

Mayo Clinic doctors don't schedule appointments with patients through the Mayo Clinic Care Network. The connection is between Methodist’s health care providers and the specialists at Mayo Clinic. As they work together, you’ll benefit from access to the latest medical expertise close to home.

What does it cost me if my doctor works with Mayo Clinic on my care?

There is no cost to you when your health care provider uses the Mayo Clinic Care Network resources.

Can I request an eConsult with Mayo Clinic?

Your health care providers use eConsults to get input from Mayo Clinic specialists when they believe it would be helpful. If you have questions about your care, talk with your health care provider.

Does this mean I’ll never need to go to Mayo Clinic?

You may still need to travel for specialty care that isn’t available in your area. But, by sharing medical expertise through the Mayo Clinic Care Network, the goal is that you will stay closer to home for your care whenever possible. 

About Mayo Clinic: Continuing a tradition of teamwork

The hallmark of Mayo Clinic is teamwork. It’s been that way since the first Mayo physicians began working together in the late 1800s. For nearly 150 years, Mayo’s approach to health care has been rooted in the idea that the best patient care is achieved when experts from a variety of medical specialties can work together, focused on the patient.

Now, through the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Mayo is extending that style of collaborative care to more people in more places.

The network allows Mayo Clinic to develop broader and stronger relationships with like-minded organizations. It gives health care providers at network sites new tools and resources in specialty areas where Mayo Clinic's knowledge and expertise may be helpful, so patients are assured of the finest care anywhere.