Research Partners

The Center of Excellence in Faith & Health acts as a collaborative hub, working to draw in a range of partners including: local and international academic and public health institutions, researchers, community partners, congregations, local health-providing institutions, local development partners, MLH departments and Associates, and funders.

The Center of Excellence in Faith & Health supports a number of in-staff researchers, visiting research scholars, and local partners. Beginning in July 2011, the center expects to offer a year long fellowship program, in conjunction with the University of Memphis, School of Public Health.

Current Named Scholars in the Center of Excellence in Faith & Health include the following:

  • Dr. Harald Askeland, Diakonjhemmet University, Oslo, Norway
  • Dr. Joyce Essien, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Emory University, SPH
  • Dr. Heather Wood Ion, Epidemic of Health, San Jose, CA
  • Rev. Dr. Fred Smith, Wesley Seminary, Washington, DC
  • Dr. Jill Olivier, the World Bank, Washington, DC
  • Rev. Larry Pray, Pastoral Scholar, Minneapolis, MN